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You are available around the clock, every single day of the week, and so is FeatherShark!

Selecting an IT company is a big decision. We are so confident in our services that we offer a 90-day “Try Us Out” guarantee. 

Our confidence stems from the fact that we work exclusively with fire departments and districts. Just like you, we are ready for an emergency around the clock. No matter what time a tech issue arises, one of our experts will be available and prepared to remedy the situation for you.

Even better, we believe in taking a proactive approach to tech advising. We put preventative measures in place and focus on consistently optimizing and streamlining your systems. This allows us to correct small problems before they become big issues. In the event of a tech emergency, we can handle it quickly and minimize long-term damage.

A cornerstone of our approach is that we are mindful of your technology budget. We consider the following points in our efforts to serve you well and within your budget:

·      Outdated servers and/or software are costly to use and maintain. We will review your current system to see if you are spending too much money to keep it up and running.

·      Unnecessary technology can bust your budget. We will suggest a right-sized system for your unique district, so you avoid overspending on the technology you do not need. 

·      Physical hardware can also be costly to house, maintain, and upgrade. With our cloud-based solutions, you will no longer require physical hardware.

We also include unlimited training for your team, as well as a 4-person dedicated IT team to support you. This ensures that you are covered 24/7 – weekends, nights, and holidays – we’ve got you protected.

Our philosophy is leaner, lighter, simpler tech that will increase your productivity. We know that bad tech can negatively affect your response time. FeatherShark offers the right technology and constant support, allowing you to fulfill the promise you make to your community – to get there as quickly as possible when they need you.

So, back to our 90-day “Try Us Out” guarantee: If we do not earn your trust in the first 90 days, or if for any reason you feel that we are not the company for you, we will let you out of the contract with no questions asked and no early termination fees AND donate 100% of your monthly bill to your community outreach program.

Please reach out to us for a quick 15- to 30-minute call. We would love to share recommendations based on solutions we’ve provided to other fire protection districts.