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Talk about FeatherShark being proactive! When you’re a Fire District and your IT company calls to let you know your administration building likely took a lightning strike…they knew about it before I did!

– John Schneider, Chief, Wentzville Fire Protection District

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I can’t imagine our district operating without FeatherShark being a part of it. They have done so much for us and changed the way we are able to work.

– Ken Black, Ret Fire Chief, Creve Coeur Fire Protection District

By operating on a leaner, lighter, simpler tech philosophy, FeatherShark and its Freedom Factory® Pro solution help you simplify your fire district’s tech environment – so you can increase your district’s productivity, guarantee bad tech isn’t getting in the way of your response times, and ensure you can be there to support your community as quickly as possible when they need you to.

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FeatherShark is quick to fix or repair any problem that we’ve come across. They were also key partners in figuring out our tech needs during the construction of our new fire administration building and stations. Then came in and installed state-of-the-art tech and services.

– Chris Cuddihee, Fire Marshall, Wentzville Fire Protection District

FeatherShark’s Freedom Factory® Pro: The All-In-One Tech Package & IT Support Solution for Fire Districts

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Long-term “Technology Roadmap” for your district

Unlimited support & team training on tech

Invitation to our annual Technology Collaboration Conference

Remote, in-the-background monitoring & updates to your tech systems

Tech vendor management (never talk to another internet company again!)

Service available for all your tech equipment and systems (including software, hardware, servers & more)

Dedicated 4-person support team of IT experts who actually know your account

Get mission-critical updates out to your entire membership clearly&consistently with the newly-launched

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Prior to our relationship with FeatherShark, I would have never considered working away from the firehouse. But FeatherShark has been able to move us to cloud-based applications with proper hardware that allow us to work anywhere on any device.

With the pandemic and the need to social distance whenever possible, this has let our team function seamlessly.

Ultimately, FeatherShark’s guidance and support of our IT system has taken our old, antiquated system that mainly just bogged us down with problems, and instead made our system cutting-edge and highly usable.

– John LeDoux, Assistant Chief, Wentzville Fire Protection District

Get a free custom Modernized Fire and Ambulance District IT Roadmap

What fire districts say about working with FeatherShark

I knew FeatherShark would help us modernize our infrastructure and systems based on what I heard from other districts working with them.

But still, I was surprised at how quickly and efficiently those changes occurred and with minimal impact to staff or district operations. They definitely do what they say they will do!

Gary Donovan

Assistant Chief, Central County Fire Protection District

FeatherShark has been critical in assisting our move from a paper workflow to digital processes.

Everyone has been great to work with and patient to learn our particular needs.  

– Jim Younce, Deputy Chief – EMS Pension Trustee, Creve Coeur Fire Protection District

After hearing about FeatherShark and seeing what they had done at other districts we made the decision to make the move to the Cloud. I had no idea the benefits our district would see.

The ability to work when and where we need to thanks to FeatherShark has been a benefit, especially during the pandemic.

David Volz

Chief, Metro North Fire Protection District

FeatherShark moved us from an older traditional network to a cloud-based system.

This not only saved us on costs, but also streamlined our efficiency.

– Jim Polk, Chief, Valley Park Fire Protection District

Since we transitioned to FeatherShark who has helped us replace our desktops with laptops, we’ve been able to take our computers with us wherever we go and never lose time trying to find things on a phone or (even worse) waiting to get back to the office to continue working.

FeatherShark support is also very quick to respond and can rectify almost any issue remotely so down time is very short. The feedback from my staff has been amazing and everyone said we should have gone this direction long ago!

I’d highly recommend FeatherShark for all your IT and phone needs. They provide a great product that is easy to use and their customer services cannot be beat.

Steve Olshwanger

Chief, Maryland Heights Fire Protection District

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