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FeatherShark: Your 24/7 IT Backup & Long-Term Technology Advisor

From responding to fire emergencies to providing EMS services to answering public assist calls…fire districts have a lot on their plate.

And when you’re this busy and every minute that you lose getting to the scene counts, the last thing you want to do is worry that your tech won’t hold up during an emergency.

And that’s where FeatherShark can help – with 24/7 IT service that gets you tech help quickly whenever you need it and long-term, proactive tech guidance that guarantees your tech is giving you the productivity, security, and efficiency needed to your emergency responders on the frontline.

But that’s not all FeatherShark can do for you. Read on to learn “Why FeatherShark” and see if we could be the right IT partner for your fire district.

7 Ways to Know FeatherShark is Right for Your Fire and Ambulance Districts IT

FeatherShark is the perfect fit for your district if…

1) ...you want to work with tech experts who actually “get” how Fire and Ambulance Districts work.

Fire district technology is specific and has very particular needs. That’s why IT providers who don’t specialize in fire districts often don’t understand the stakes involved – like the massive impact a tech problem can have on your ability to respond to an emergency and get to the scene quickly.

Luckily, as an IT company that works with over 20 Fire and Ambulance Districts across the Midwest, FeatherShark has the insider knowledge needed to handle your district’s tech issues in a way that few other IT providers can match.


2) ...you can’t afford to work with another IT company that has limited hours when a firefighter’s job is 24/7.

Given that emergencies don’t happen just during normal business hours (although we all wish they would!), you simply can’t afford to work with an IT partner who doesn’t offer help after 5 or on weekends.

So whether it’s Monday at 3 AM or midnight on Thanksgiving, our around-the-clock, 24/7 IT support is available to help no matter the time nor tech issue you need taken care of.

3) ...you’d like the quicker response times and boosted office productivity that comes with modern, well-organized tech systems.

All districts have to deal with IT disasters when they strike, but few take the steps to prevent them from happening at all. But at FeatherShark, we don’t just sit and wait for IT problems to pop up so we can fix them – instead, through our proactive tech advising, we’ll actively search for gaps in your tech that are harming productivity and efficiency.

Then, we optimize & streamline your systems to not only make it easy to correct when issues crop up, but also to preemptively prevent IT disasters and keep your technology running smoothly as a whole.

4) ...you feel a bit lost about where to take your district’s technology and think you could benefit from having a long-term, crystal-clear tech plan.

As a Fire and Ambulance District, you probably have a plan for everything from mitigating a commercial fire to providing rescue and medical services to a serious automobile accident. But do you have a plan for your technology, particularly as it happens to be something that takes up a huge percentage of your budget?

As a Freedom FactoryⓇ  Pro client, we’ll put together a long-term “Technology Roadmap” for your district. With this roadmap, you’ll have a 3-to-5-year plan for using your tech to overcome current tech challenges, replace and update your equipment, and allocate the right budget resources to technology acquisition.

5) ...you like the idea of simplifying down your tech systems rather than just spending more on complex systems.

Traditional firehouse tech is expensive, slow, unreliable, and needs a lot of maintenance. In other words, many districts spend a large chunk of their budgets just keeping their massive IT beast – including old servers & software – up and running! FeatherShark offers a different approach by recommending modern solutions that keep your tech systems leaner, lighter & simpler.

Put simply, we won’t make you spend money on higher-end items you don’t need (like many IT support providers who get a kickback from the tech partners they recommend). Instead, through our tech advising & system audits, we’ll help you select systems that are right-sized and not overpriced for your district so it becomes powered by leaner, lighter, simpler tech. One of the most important ways we do this is by recommending our clients spend less money on old-fashioned, physical hardware and invest in Cloud options.

6) ...you wouldn't mind getting some extra “perks” like an invite to FeatherShark’s own Technology Collaboration Conference

Beyond getting 24/7 IT help, proactive tech guidance, simplified tech systems, and a long-term technology roadmap, you’ll also get a few other perks thrown in there as a FeatherShark client – such as unlimited training for your team on tech and your own, 4-person dedicated IT support team.

You’ll also get an invite to FeatherShark’s Technology Collaboration Conference for the chance to find out how other districts are dealing with their tech issues and discuss technology in your industry as a whole.


7) ...you’d love the option to “try out” a new IT partner before getting stuck in a long-term contract.

Most IT support providers will make you sign a contract tying you into their services for the next 3+ years. Which means even if you decide within the first month (or even the first week) that they aren’t a good fit? You’re still stuck.

That’s why we have a 90-day “try us out” guarantee. So if you decide we aren’t the right IT support partner for your district? Just let us know within the first 90 days and we’ll let you out of the contract – no questions asked and no “early termination” fees like the other guys.

To get started on your 90-day “try us out” period, begin by scheduling a complimentary “Modernized Fire and Ambulance District” strategy session with us here.

“Prior to our relationship with FeatherShark, I would have never considered working away from the firehouse. But FeatherShark has been able to move us to cloud-based applications with proper hardware that allow us to work anywhere on any device.

With the pandemic and the need to social distance whenever possible, this has let our team function seamlessly.

Ultimately, FeatherShark’s guidance and support of our IT system has taken our old, antiquated system that mainly just bogged us down with problems, and instead made our system cutting-edge and highly usable.”

John LeDoux

Assistant Chief, Wentzville Fire Protection District

To get started on your 90-day “try us out” period, begin by scheduling a complimentary “Modernized Fire and Ambulance District” strategy session with us here.

“Since we transitioned to FeatherShark who has helped us replace our desktops with laptops, we’ve been able to take our computers with us wherever we go and never lose time trying to find things on a phone or (even worse!) waiting to get back to the office to continue working.

FeatherShark support is also very quick to respond and can rectify almost any issue remotely so down time is very short. The feedback from my staff has been amazing and everyone said we should have gone this direction long ago!

I’d highly recommend FeatherShark for all your IT and phone needs. They provide a great product that is easy to use and their customer service cannot be beat.”

Steve Olshwanger

Chief, Maryland Heights Fire Protection District