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Freedom Factory® Pro: The All-In-One Tech Package & IT Support Solution for Fire and Ambulance Districts

Proactive tech advising that catches IT snags before they become problems. 24/7 IT support. Long-term technology planning. Dedicated support team who actually know your account. And more.

All this combined with our leaner, lighter, simpler tech philosophy ensure FeatherShark and Freedom Factory Pro help you simplify your fire district’s tech environment – so you can increase district productivity, guarantee bad tech isn’t getting in the way of your response time, and fulfill your promise of being there to support your community as quickly as possible when they need you to.

Power your Fire and Ambulance District with
leaner, lighter, simpler tech

Freedom Factory was created to help clients transition out of unreliable, out-of-date technology that’s holding them back into solutions that are leaner, lighter & simpler.

Here’s what those 3 principles really mean for you and your district’s technology systems:


Minimize your complex tech infrastructure so it’s as lean as it can be – in other words, just the right size (and budget) for your district.


Move to lighter, cloud-based solutions to shrink your physical hardware, be able to access your district’s data from anywhere on the planet & ensure you can recover your systems quickly if disaster strikes.


Simplify your tech so you have less to break, less to insure, less to maintain & less to get in the way.

What you get as a client of FeatherShark’s Freedom Factory Pro at a glance

24/7 IT services & support

On-call tech strategy & advising with specialists who know fire district tech

Long-term “Technology Roadmap” for your district

Unlimited support & team training on tech


Invitation to our annual Technology Collaboration Conference

Remote, in-the-background monitoring & updates to your tech systems

Tech vendor management (never talk to another internet company again!)

Service available for all your tech equipment and systems (including software, hardware, servers & more)

Dedicated 4-person support team of IT experts who actually know your account

As a Freedom FactoryPro client, you’ll get all of the above plus:

90-day “try us out” guarantee
Server, email & file/data organization setup and management
Network, printer & WiFi setup and management
Computer & equipment replacement plan
3-5 year Technology Roadmap

New software, hardware & equipment purchasing support

Technology budgeting with computer & replacement plan
Free onsite visits
Support via web, email, sms, or phone
Free electronic equipment recycling
Data security awareness training for your entire office
Subscription included to our relevant tech partner solutions
Annual review & full system audit of your tech infrastructure

Invitation to our Technology Collaboration Conference

Get mission-critical updates out to your entire membership clearly & consistently with the newly-launched

Truck in for maintenance? Out-of-service fire hydrant? Unexpected road closure?

No more relying on missed emails, lost texts, or a whiteboard to push these mission-critical updates out to your members.

With FeatherShark LiveDash™, your team can quickly and easily see all these updates in a single place. And have the info they need to serve your community. In minutes.

Get yours today & lock in a 3-year price for nearly half what the other guys charge.