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Is your team set up with gmail, Office 365 email, or another web-based email provider? Or are your emails on an on-premise server and only accessible with a VPN?

Are your files managed and stored online with a cloud-based server or file system? Or are they stored on in-house physical servers?

Do you use a cloud-based phone system that allows your district to reroute incoming calls anywhere (and ultimately manage them without needing to have someone physically in your admin building)?

If you’re using servers, do you have a cloud-based disaster recovery program that protects your district when you go offline?

Do you have a cloud-based online antivirus and malware protection program? Or are you using the built-in Windows antivirus?

Do you have a long-term plan for maintaining and upgrading your computers and hardware?

Are you using modern and up-to-date network equipment (routers, switches, and access points) that run online?

Do you have a remote work plan and the proper hardware and software to fulfill it if needed?

Are you using a cloud-based online system for your fire records and reporting (such as Emergency Reporting or ESO Fire)? Or is your software stored on a server?

Are you using a cloud-based online workforce management program (such as Workforce Telestaff by Kronos or Aladtec)?

Are your forms (maintenance requests, maintenance logs, training records, truck records, etc.) done online? Or on paper?

Do you use a cloud-based online system for your accounting? Or do you run an accounting program installed directly on a server or desktop computer?

If needed for security, do you have cameras installed at your district that you can access remotely anytime?

Do you have a technology setup that allows your team training to be done virtually?

Do you have a digital dashboard that you use for streamlined in-station communication?

Have you converted your pre-plans and architectural documents to be stored electronically online? Or are they still in paper form?

Do you have technology set up that allows your board to run meetings virtually?

Do you have an automated online process for scheduling permits and confirming appointments? Or do these have to be done in person?

Do you have an automated payment process or online payments enabled for the public?

Do you have a system that allows your board to approve bills and sign checks online?

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