Preliminary results show phone systems are a common challenge among business owners

At this year’s St. Louis Small Business Expo we surveyed the entrepreneurs in attendance about one of our favorite topics, their phone system. The data revealed some commonalities among business owners that you might relate to or learn from, specifically that phone systems are a common challenge.

43% of business leaders agreed with the statement, “My phone system hasn’t kept up with the way my business operates.” In some cases, those surveyed reported not even having a voicemail system for employees. The old system of notes on the desk make it virtually impossible to get messages on the road, slowing your response time to the next time you’re in the office. Most of us are operating in a far more mobile world than we were merely a decade ago. Today’s teams are often visiting with clients and prospects somewhere other than our desk or conference room.  This has blurred the physical boundaries of the office and created an “always on” mentality, where access to the “office” is needed outside the hours of 9 to 5. We know this delay can ultimately create a loss in sales and give your competition the perfect opportunity to shine.

43% of respondents shared that their current phone system is old and difficult to manage but felt that a new system would be expensive. An antiquated phone system makes it harder to be in touch, harder to know if someone has tried to reach you and even harder to listen to voicemail, a recipe that will result in a longer response times and delayed communication with your valued clients and prospects. With older phone systems, even things as simple as adding a new employee or relocating an existing team member can require a service call. The cost of having a technician onsite can be an expensive investment of time and money and can add up very quickly as systems age.

76% of respondents told us “our phone system is a hassle that sucks up my time and money. More than three-quarters of entrepreneurs reported that their current phone system was a hassle and caused unnecessary spending time and money to manage. As we shared earlier, repairs are difficult to make, changes can require a service call and as systems get older they seem to break more frequently. Old systems also carry the additional burden of finding parts when they are no longer being manufactured. Ultimately, maintaining a broken system steals valuable time from your employees and your business.

Can you relate to these common challenges? At FeatherShark we believe you should invest your time rather than spend it managing costly equipment. Join us in the quest to free businesses from the burden of old equipment.
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