Is Your Phone System Disaster Proof?

For a majority of businesses, if your phones go down, operation and productivity cease.  With traditional phone systems or on-premise VoIP, a simple power outage or internet outage can take its toll on your bottom line.

When an outage occurs with a traditional phone system people may begin using their cell phones to make calls.  You then have the issue of customers being contacted by non-company numbers which can create a set of challenges for your organization.  Or, even worse, when a customer calls you they get the dreaded busy tone “This number has been disconnected or is no longer in service….”

With FeatherShark’s hosted VoIP platform, we can protect you from these situations in a number of ways.  For inbound calls, since your PBX is in the cloud, your callers will still hear all of your messaging, choose options in an auto-attendant, and can leave voicemails that will be emailed to your users.  Calls will also be automatically routed to cell phones based on your preferences.  For outbound calls, you can take advantage of our free mobile app and make calls from your company number via any Android device or iPhone.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact [email protected] or 314-551-9879 to schedule a call and demo with one our Cloud Specialists.