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With Google G Suite, you can communicate with your clients and staff regardless of where you are or what device you are using. No software to install and no servers to maintain. Free yourself from the office and sync your business life with G Suite.

Google G Suite offers several advantages over running your own servers, or using 1990’s technology like POP or IMAP.

  1. When you’re running your own server, you’re taking on a lot of headaches. Hardware has to be maintained, upgraded and replaced. Viruses have to be protected against and cleared off when an infection happens.
  2. If you’re running with IMAP or POP mail, you don’t have access to modern features, like shared calendars.
  3. Your server and email software (like Outlook) are out of date the day you install them. If you want the latest features, you have to purchase new software.
  4. Security is a big job, and you’re opening yourself up unless you have the team and the tools to protect yourself.
With Google G Suite, your email just works. No servers to install. No software to maintain. Since you access your email in a web browser, you’re always on the latest version of the software with access to the latest features. And you can rest easy knowing your data is being protected in Google’s world-class data centers by a fantastic team of security experts.


  • Mobile access to your email, calendar and contacts
  • Video Chat
  • State of the art junk email blocking
  • State of the art virus protection
  • Google Search Technology
  • Mobile access across Apple and Android platforms
  • Mobile device management

With Freedom Factory®

As member of our Freedom Factory® program, FeatherShark will set up your Google G Suite solution and maintain it. Need to get a new employee set up? We take care of it. Have some questions about accessing your calendars on your mobile device? Just give us a call. You don’t pay extra when you need help – it’s all included. Your Freedom Factory® installation includes:
  • Configure Google G Suite for all your domains
  • Setup and configure email accounts
  • Create shared calendars and set sharing permissions
  • Configure security and permissions
  • Setup group email addresses and special business addresses (e.g. [email protected])
  • Configure any special devices such as scanners to send email through G Suite
  • Configure mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for email, calendars and contacts
  • Migrate all email, calendars and contacts from your existing system
  • Train end users on web and mobile access so you’re productive from day one

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