Disaster Recovery

If you've been in business long enough, you've probably suffered some kind of data loss. And if you were unlucky, you might have found out that the backup you thought you had wasn't any good and your data was gone forever.
Not a great feeling!

FeatherShark has partnered with Datto to bring you a cloud-based approach to backup up your data. With Datto, your data will be backed up in two places; on a hardware device on your network, and in the cloud.

Why should you care about that? Because you get the best of two worlds. The local, on-site backup device lets you quickly restore your data in the event of data loss. And the cloud backup makes sure your data is safe in the event of a larger problem like fire or water damage.

Unlike many cloud-based backup solutions, Datto is “image-based.” That means that where most backup solutions back up your hard drive one file at a time, Datto takes a snapshot of the entire drive at once – it actually creates a bootable image of your system.

If you ever have problems, the entire system can be booted in the cloud so you can keep running.  Not only that, but the image based backup allows us to determine if we have a good backup or not.

After each backup, the Datto system boots a virtual copy of your machine in its own memory. If the machine boots, we know we have a good backup. If it doesn’t, there was some kind of problem and we need to troubleshoot.

Getting a message from the system right away that there’s a problem with your backup is a much better option than finding out your data is corrupt months later when you really have a problem.

What you get with the system:

  • Hardware based backup device installed on your network.
  • Cloud failsafe backup of data.
  • Immediate backup verification.
  • FeatherShark will configure your backup plan, including how long to keep data onsite, and how long to keep it in the cloud.

With Freedom Factory®

As member of our Freedom Factory® program, FeatherShark will design a backup and disaster recovery plan for your business. We’ll make sure your data is backed up on a regular basis in case there’s a problem.  Need help restoring some files you’ve lost? Just give us a call. You don’t pay extra when you need help – it’s all included.

Your Freedom Factory® installation includes:

  • Create backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Install and configure Datto backup device
  • Install backup agents on each machine to be backed up
  • Set up backup plan on Datto
  • Configure cloud backups
  • Test for valid backups
  • We will monitor your backup solution and if there’s ever an issue with a backup, we will troubleshoot and resolve the issue to make sure we can restore your data if there’s ever a problem.

Want to learn more?

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