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Nothing is more frustrating than losing part of your day because your computer isn't working or network is down. FeatherShark’s Freedom Factory® Program helps you get back to business:
We proactively monitor your computers and network. Which helps us identify issues BEFORE they occur, so we can fix them before they become major problems. If you have a problem our team will work on it instead of you, so you can get back to work.

Desktop Support St. Louis

Admittedly, there are many IT support companies you could call for help if you have computer problems. Many of those companies will charge you by the hour to resolve the issue. The longer they take to fix the problem, the more money they make. Getting a big bill at the end of the day (or multiple days!) is no fun.

At FeatherShark, we disagree with that approach. Our Freedom Factory® Program is for entrepreneurs who just want their systems to work. You could think of it as paying not to have to call for support rather than paying for support. For one flat monthly fee, we handle everything. You never pay any more.

The Freedom Factory® Program is different for several reasons:

  • Proactive monitoring of your computers, servers, and network. Often, we will know about problems before you do.
  • Everything is included. We aren’t going to nickel and dime you. There aren’t any extra charges.
  • One flat fee. No surprise bills, no hourly charges. Your IT costs are predictable. You can budget for the whole year in January and be confident what your IT costs will be for the entire year!
  • Cloud approach. We believe that small businesses thrive when they adopt a cloud-based approach to business. We will help you evaluate opportunities to move your business applications to the web.
  • Mobile device access to company data. More and more work is being done on smart phones and tablets. We support those devices.

What’s included:

  • Proactive monitoring of your computers, servers and network. We monitor your IT systems to make sure you don’t have issues, or if you do, that we catch those issues before they become big problems.
  • Unlimited support desk tickets. We are standing by to assist with any technical issues you may have.
  • Technology planning services. Thinking about implementing new tools in your business? We are available to help with strategy and planning for your technology needs. It’s all included with your flat-fee service.

How it works:

  • Each computer on your network will have our software agent installed, allowing us to monitor the health of the machine. If there’s ever a problem, our network operations center will receive an alert.
  • Our team will investigate the situation and resolve the issue. If the problem is something that requires us to remotely access your computer, we’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time for us to do so.

If you ever have a problem, or need to ask a technical question, you can contact our support desk 8am – 5pm M-F and speak to a member of your support team.

There are 3 ways to contact the support desk:

  1. Email. Probably the best way to contact us is via email. An email to [email protected] will automatically trigger a support desk ticket to be created and assigned. You’ll receive either an email or phone call back to help resolve your issue.
  2. Phone call. Your support desk team is standing by at 314-665-2444.
  3. Chat. You can reach a technician by logging in to our support chat, available from our web site.

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