Cloud File Server

Unload the weight of your clunky traditional file server with Egnyte. With Egnyte, you have access to all of your files from anywhere and on any device. All your files are securely stored in the Cloud, so you don't have to worry about break-ins, backups or potential disasters.

The Egnyte solution provides several advantages over traditional file servers:

  1. Access from anywhere. Access all your data when you’re out of the office. No more dealing with remote access or fighting through a firewall to get to your files. Everything you need is securely available from anywhere.
  2. Mobile – like you are. Access your files from any device you happen to be using, like smart phones and tablets. With Egnyte you can access any file, from anywhere on any device.
  3. Share files with clients and vendors. Tired of emailing files only to have the email come back because the attachment was too big? Egnyte provides secure file sharing of files up to hundreds of megabytes.
  4. Improved security. Store your data to a secure data center, monitored around the clock by security experts.


  • Web and Mobile Access to your company files
  • Easy to use – Drag, Drop and Edit files
  • Create shared folders for projects or departments
  • Set security permissions on each folder so everyone only sees the files they should have access to
  • Automatic file versioning. Easily revert to an older version of every file.
  • Share file and folder links with customers and business partners
  • Desktop Sync- Online and Offline Desktop access.
  • Fast file access when online or offline.
  • Keyword, File name, tag searching
  • 1TB of storage included, virtually unlimited available at the click of a mouse
  • Enterprise-Caliber Security; secure data hosting and data redundancy prevent data loss
  • HIPPA, FINRA and Safe Harbor compliant
  • Add/Remove Users easily
  • Easy Disaster Recovery

With Freedom Factory®

As member of our Freedom Factory® program, FeatherShark will set up your Egnyte solution and maintain it. Need to get a new employee set up? We take care of it. Have some questions about how to share links securely with your customers? Just give us a call. You don’t pay extra when you need help – it’s all included.

Your Freedom Factory® installation includes:

  • Design data structure and security plan
  • Set up all users and security groups
  • Configure link sharing rules
  • Set data retention and file version policies
  • Install and configure desktop sync application for each computer
  • Install Egnyte application on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets
  • Install and configure Network Attached Storage is applicable
  • Migrate existing data to Egnyte and set sharing permissions
  • Train end users on desktop sync, web and mobile

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